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Hand Harvested in France for Centuries

The current market is flooded with counterfeit Celtic Salts that bear little resemblance to authentic and unrefined varieties such as Neptune Renew. Often passing them off as the real thing. However, the true distinction lies in the unparalleled taste, nutrient content, and wealth of benefits that only genuine celtic salts like Neptune Renew Celtic French Sea Salt can offer. The French Coast has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional sea salt, encompassing vast sea marshes that constitute two-thirds of its territory. Situated within the Vendee region, in the Bay of Biscay. The inhabitants of The French Coast hold deep admiration for the exceptional quality and exquisite flavor of their salt, much like the wine connoisseurs of Bordeaux cherish their local produce. This region maintains a pure and unpolluted environment suitable for organic agriculture while adhering to salt standards..


What an amazing difference since using Celtic Salt. Highly recommended.
– Jasmine Peters

I use to drink plenty of water and still felt thirsty, I feel more hydrated now!
– Monica R.

 I’ve tried 3 others and nothing compares to Neptune Renew. My food is enhanced with better flavor!
– Laura Stake

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed