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Sea Moss Gel FAQ

Start with small amounts: If you’re new to sea moss gel, start with a small amount and gradually increase the dosage as your body gets used to it. A teaspoon or two a day is a good starting point.

Sea moss gel can spoil if not stored properly. Once received, keep it refrigerated and use within 3-4 weeks. 

The gel will smell bad or mold will be seen on the surface.

Freezing unopened jars of sea moss is recommended, if you will not use it right away and can last 2-3 months or more.

Yes! Simply stir the Nutra Sea Moss Gel into your drink and enjoy!

Yes! Just take a spoonful straight in your mouth and enjoy! If taking more than 1 spoonful, please use a new spoon as not to contaminate the jar with a spoon that’s been in your mouth.

We currently ship domestically in the US only. We are working on expanding our shipping options as soon as possible.

Sea moss gel is a versatile ingredient that can be added to a variety of foods and beverages. Here are some ideas:
Smoothies: Add a spoonful of sea moss gel to your favorite smoothie recipe to boost its nutritional value and texture.
Soups and stews: Sea moss gel can be added as a thickening agent to soups and stews, giving them a creamy texture.
Oatmeal or porridge: Mix sea moss gel into your morning oatmeal or porridge to add extra nutrients and creaminess.
Salad dressings: Add a spoonful of sea moss gel to your salad dressing for a nutrient boost and to help thicken the dressing.
Desserts: Sea moss gel can be used as a vegan alternative to gelatin in desserts like puddings, jellies, and mousses.
Baked goods: Use sea moss gel as an egg substitute in vegan baking recipes, or add it to bread dough for extra moisture and nutrients.
Sauces: Add a spoonful of sea moss gel to sauces like tomato sauce or alfredo sauce to help thicken them and add nutrients.
Hummus: Add a spoonful of sea moss gel to your homemade hummus for extra creaminess and nutrients.
Dressings and dips: Use sea moss gel as a base for dressings and dips, like ranch or spinach and artichoke dip, to add nutrients and creaminess.
Overall, sea moss gel can be a healthy addition to a wide variety of foods and beverages. Experiment with different recipes to find out what works best for you and your taste preferences.

We start by only using sun dried Wildcrafted Raw Sea Moss from clean ocean water, it is triple washed thoroughly to remove salt, sand and impurities. It is then rehydrated with Natural Himalayan Alkaline water pH 8.8 for 24 hours. Once fully hydrated, it is then blended with more Alkaline water, which results in a smooth and rich gel.

Yes absolutely, be consistent to experience the full benefits of Nutra Sea Moss gel, it’s important to take it consistently. Consider making it a part of your daily routine.

Original Nutra Sea Moss Gel has at least 92 vitamins and minerals, which supports whole body functions, but some of our systems may need more support, which is why we have other options that have all the benefits of Sea Moss plus other key ingredients that is known to improve and support other body functions. 

Since Nutra Sea Moss Gel is made fresh when you place your order, processing times are 2-3 business days and transit times are 2-4 business days, most orders usually deliver in 4-7 business days.