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Celtic French Sea Salt

(402 customer reviews)
  •  Rich in 84+ Minerals
  •  Harvested in France
  •  Centuries Old Method
  •  Hydration Support
  •  Enhances Flavor
  •  No Additives or Preservatives

Not Your Regular Sea Salt

  • +84 Trace Mineral
  • Hydration Support
  • Support Muscle Cramps
  • Enhance Food Flavors

Vital Minerals Enhancing Your Whole Body

Celtic French Sea Salt from the Coast of France is Packed with 84+ trace minerals, naturally!

Neptune Renew Celtic Sea Salt has exceeded all my expectations and revolutionized my approach to seasoning! As a health-conscious individual, I've been on the lookout for a high-quality salt that not only enhances the taste of my meals but also offers essential nutrients. This salt does it all, and I couldn't be happier.
Julia Perry

Recent Reviews

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  1. Robert Langley Verified Purchase

    Tastes great!

    Delicious taste, happy with my purchase!

  2. Joanne Perkins Verified Purchase

    No more muscle cramps!

    I put a pinch under my tongue before drinking water, I don’t get muscle cramps anymore when I play golf! Amazing benefits

  3. Betty Harris Verified Purchase

    Best tasting salt!!

    Taste is smooth and not salty like other salts. Plus so many health benefits

  4. Anna Feldman Verified Purchase

    As advertised

    Worked well . Good value.

  5. Lauren Allen Verified Purchase

    Great flavor

    Very pure salt, you can taste the difference. It’s the best I’ve ever used.

  6. Nicole Parker Verified Purchase

    Culinary Delight

    Great flavor and benefits!! Gave 3 stars due to shipping taking longer than expected.

  7. Ronald Murphy Verified Purchase

    Flavor Joy

    It’s amazing how something as simple asCeltic Salt can make such a big difference in my cooking.

  8. Christina Green Verified Purchase

    Food enhanced

    The Celtic Salt’s consistency and grain size are perfect for all my recipes.

  9. Samuel Clark Verified Purchase


    sea salt is the star of my spice rack

  10. John Clark Verified Purchase

    Good size

    Purchased the 1 lb bag, its a perfect size bag, will be back for more

  11. Benjamin Butler Verified Purchase

    Seasoning Delight

    This sea salt has made me appreciate the art of soning in a whole new way.

  12. Teresa Price Verified Purchase

    Good salt for everyday

    I can’t believe I used to cook without this Celtic Salt. It’s a kitchen game-changer.

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